Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mysterious Wonders of the Spiral

The Spiral is a magical universal that is home to many mysterious things. Apparently, I have found a handful of these sightings and I would like to personally share them to you all. Let's get down to some world geography, shall we?

Haunted Cave, Triton Avenue, Wizard City

The first sighting is this gate at the far end of the Haunted Cave. Lots of people have seen it, they even questioned about its purpose in the game. I have only learned that the cave was once used when a W101 player claimed the Orthrus pet, before the pet came out to the public. As of now, the cave has not been used for anything else.

Secret Shop island, Oasis, Krokotopia
 As we may all know, there is a Secret Shop in the Oasis of Krokotopia. This picture shows the island where the shop takes place.

Another secret island?

And this shot shows another floating island just above the marketplace. What can this be? There are obelisks just like the Secret Shop island's, but there is no portal to be seen. Is this a new area soon to be uncovered by KingsIsle, or is it just a piece of a "lonely land"?

Barkingham Palace, Regent's Square, Marleybone

For those of you who have been questing in Marleybone may have passed this palace a few times. There were no quests for this area--other than the ones given by one of the guards. From what my fellow Wizards believe, they think it will become another difficult dungeon in the future. I would sure hope for this to happen (it's better than wondering and getting anxious about trying to climb over those walls just to see what treasures they hold.)

Ironworks, Marleybone
There are at least 2 areas that have one of these odd dueling circles. I use to like coming here as an adept/magus person to practice dueling against Myth monsters. The Ironworks, as you can see, is used for a spot for battling the Street Sweepers, but in another place it's completely empty. I am not ready to believe that Marleybone has its own "crop circles" yet!

Plaza of Conquests, Dragonspyre
I love this area, it's quiet and very hidden away from Wizards that just pass by while dueling against the summonable monsters in the Plaza of Conquests. I have studied this spot several times but I found no clues that may relate to the platform. It may have been a purposeful spot back when the Dragonspyrians still thrived in the world. But still, this spot is great for being alone.

Under-lava Pathway, Labyrinth, Dragonspyre

I have yet to find any answers to this particular spot for it drives me into many conclusions to why it was put into the game in the first place. I think I heard that it was for a school quest (Storm?), but that was it. The Dragon Pedestal is not even interactable after you retrieve the key from Silver Sentinel.


So my question to all viewers, what do you think these mysterious places are meant to be? Have you ever seen another spot that's been pondering you?

This concludes to my post. Have a good night!

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