Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mysterious Wonders of the Spiral

The Spiral is a magical universal that is home to many mysterious things. Apparently, I have found a handful of these sightings and I would like to personally share them to you all. Let's get down to some world geography, shall we?

Haunted Cave, Triton Avenue, Wizard City

The first sighting is this gate at the far end of the Haunted Cave. Lots of people have seen it, they even questioned about its purpose in the game. I have only learned that the cave was once used when a W101 player claimed the Orthrus pet, before the pet came out to the public. As of now, the cave has not been used for anything else.

Secret Shop island, Oasis, Krokotopia
 As we may all know, there is a Secret Shop in the Oasis of Krokotopia. This picture shows the island where the shop takes place.

Another secret island?

And this shot shows another floating island just above the marketplace. What can this be? There are obelisks just like the Secret Shop island's, but there is no portal to be seen. Is this a new area soon to be uncovered by KingsIsle, or is it just a piece of a "lonely land"?

Barkingham Palace, Regent's Square, Marleybone

For those of you who have been questing in Marleybone may have passed this palace a few times. There were no quests for this area--other than the ones given by one of the guards. From what my fellow Wizards believe, they think it will become another difficult dungeon in the future. I would sure hope for this to happen (it's better than wondering and getting anxious about trying to climb over those walls just to see what treasures they hold.)

Ironworks, Marleybone
There are at least 2 areas that have one of these odd dueling circles. I use to like coming here as an adept/magus person to practice dueling against Myth monsters. The Ironworks, as you can see, is used for a spot for battling the Street Sweepers, but in another place it's completely empty. I am not ready to believe that Marleybone has its own "crop circles" yet!

Plaza of Conquests, Dragonspyre
I love this area, it's quiet and very hidden away from Wizards that just pass by while dueling against the summonable monsters in the Plaza of Conquests. I have studied this spot several times but I found no clues that may relate to the platform. It may have been a purposeful spot back when the Dragonspyrians still thrived in the world. But still, this spot is great for being alone.

Under-lava Pathway, Labyrinth, Dragonspyre

I have yet to find any answers to this particular spot for it drives me into many conclusions to why it was put into the game in the first place. I think I heard that it was for a school quest (Storm?), but that was it. The Dragon Pedestal is not even interactable after you retrieve the key from Silver Sentinel.


So my question to all viewers, what do you think these mysterious places are meant to be? Have you ever seen another spot that's been pondering you?

This concludes to my post. Have a good night!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fight for the Meatball Sandwich!

It was the most bloodiest battle of all...It was about truth, justice, and hunger. There I was hanging my head in disbelief...that I lost my purpose of life.

Only moments ago, I was relaxing in the Wizard City commons watching the young wizards chat around me. Suddenly, a friend had called me. My friend went by several Wizards: Kayla, Wolf GiantCloud, and his main, Brady DrakeCaster. As Kayla, he told me that he had gotten a meatball sandwich from the outside world.
I loved meatball sandwiches, the cooked meatballs, splattered in marinara sauce--okay I'm getting off-topic.
Anyways, because my crave just kicked in I begged to have his half of the sandwich. He made me jump for it, begging like a hungry dog. As he threw it in the air for me to catch it, a bird caught it and took it away.
Then, my friend brought out a whole sandwich and I ended up chasing after him from the arena to WolfGiantCloud's Massive Fantasy Palace home.
From there, he challenged me with his Thaumaturge, Wolf. So there we were casting spells at each other in his personal dueling circle. Another friend of mine, Morgan BearGiver, came around to cheer me on. I was hungry, but I stayed stronger in my battles.
Awaiting to duel as Morgan cheers me on.

When I defeated Wolf, my friend switched out to his Necromancer, Brady DrakeCaster. One of the best challenges in my Wizard life. Brady and I had some occasions where we dueled with one another and we had split victories--many wins and many ties. Which made our battle very interesting.
Brady had almost made his victory on the first duel; I had polymorphed into a Cat Bandit on the same round he used his Skeletal Dragon spell--without my resistance I took its full damage. But luckily, I had planted an Ether Shield a few rounds before. As I only took the major damage from the DoT (damage-over-time), I used Cat Scratch cut him down from 1,000 HP and finished him off with a Tempest.
Then round two came, Morgan had joined in the battle to help. Unfortunately for her, she had been subdued by Brady's Scarecrow as she tried to find her polymorph. With that, I was on my own. It was 1-on-1. I took down Brady's health by more than half by dealing 1,900 with my Medusa and buffed up while Brady was stunned for two rounds. After those rounds he changed into a Treant and began healing himself with a critical Satyr and a Regenerate. Once he finished healing, he planted a Spirit Armor before the end of his polymorph. When that was done, he switched to a Draconian--but that was the last polymorph he'll use.
I was ready to send out Medusa again when he casted a Firezilla doing moderate damage. Without his resistance, I was able to bring him down from all of his health, surpassing his Spirit Armor, and defeated him once again.
It was a good 3 matches, but Brady suddenly made a run for it.


Now I had started him all over the palace again. I circled around the castle pursuing him until I finally saw him at the bridge and followed him do the ramp. Brady stopped in his pace and told me: "Wait..." When I stopped, I awaited for him to surrender the sandwich but then...


He ate it!

My chase for the meatball sandwich had only ended in tragedy

So there I was, upset and torn to see that, the prized object I have been running and fighting for...was already devoured.

*Sniff* I'm gonna miss you, Meatball deliciousness! :'(

Monday, July 18, 2011

Meet BattleThief!

This place is dark, I can't see where my feet are going that I'm stumbling over the shingles on the roof. Gotta keep my stealth up. The roof was rough and slippery , but I've been through tougher terrain. When I met the end of the roof I saw a window ahead as bright as day, where my destination is. Slowly climbing onto the next house, I waved my amethyst blade and casted the window to open for me. Once I'm in, I am ready collect those--


Huh--what's that?! *looks down* Oh, hello there. You here to view a burglary to happen? What? No? You're here reading a blog? Oh cool--

Wait, what am I saying!? This is my blog! Hehe, sorry dude. Hold on I'll get to ya.

**pulls a new transition**

Alrighty! Now that we're here, let's get to know each other.

I'm Sarah BattleThief, the most devious wizard in Wizard City, and one day, the Spiral! As you noticed before, I was in the middle of breaking in someone's house. But don't get me wrong--I'm very klepto and it's my job! Anyways, I am a Conjurer wizard so I summon creatures to assist me with lots of things. Not only that but I can also make live illusions to distract people as I am on my missions. I am also part mischievous, and you know what that means XP

On to my other stuff, I'm not a very sociable Wizard--not even that popular. If  you have spotted me in the Commons several times, you may notice that I stray away from the big crowds. Talking isn't my thing, whenever I do my bubble is drowned in many other bubbles and it all seems like I didn't have a voice at all there. I do have some friends, but they tend to not speak to me and I depromote them to acquaintances than friends.

Well, there are the special benefits that come to shy, quiet, and lonely people like me (and you too?) When you're alone you have all the time for yourself. No one to boss you around, nobody to make decisions for you, and (my favorite) you can get away from trouble when no one suspects you.
Yes, I've seen how everybody says that friends are important in life. I agree to it, though I am still on lookout to see who's trustworthy and who's not.

And there you have it, my first post on my blog. I'll talk to you guys soon, and it is a pleasure to me y' all! Now to resume to my mission ;)